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    Macu Moran is an artivist, cultural researcher and art curator. After a long experience as Director of New Markets for artnet Worldwide Corporation in Wall Street, New York, her interests in Art, Science & Technology brought her to create & promote sustainable models for the cultural industries in the digital era, through the holding of net-art Projects: iMAGERY SPECTRUM · Progressive Projects.


    Her philanthropic endeavor to create alternative realities as cultural curator started at DiVA Fairs New York and Paris, followed by several editions of Barcelona Art Contemporary Festival (BAC!) and VIVA Collections worldwide tour. She has presented exhibition programs and lectures in diverse international venues, such as MANIFESTA European Roaming Biennial, Art|Basel Fair, Centre Pompidou, Fundació Joan Miró, MoCA Seoul, Hara Tokyo, CCCB Barcelona, Wilfredo Lam Havana, MAC Lima, Casa Asia, ICP New York, Fundación Marcelino Botín, Cervantes Institute New York, Arts Santa Mónica Barcelona, Fundación Suñol, University of Cordoba, WHITE BOX New York, KINETICA London, etc.

    iMAGERY RESIDENCY - Art meets Science and Spirituality

    Koh Samui & Koh Phangan, Thailand

    Founder & Director

    Started in Jan 2018

    Artistic Residency and Spiritual Retreat located in Koh Samui, Thailand, which welcomes visitors from all over the world to its precious location and offers them a period of time to strengthen their connection with nature and enjoy optimal conditions for inspiration, reflexion and co-creation. Through trainings and methods that each resident can choose to follow, the project try to asses the increasing nature deficit disorder that so commonly affects nowadays to people living in highly technological societies. Ultimately it aims to build an international community of eco-activists to help reversing the de-naturalization process in which the human being is involved, in order to ultimately dismiss the dramatic consequences that this disconnection is producing to our habitat and to the future of many species, including ours.

    iMAGERY AFFAIRS · Contemporary Art Productions


    Director & Chief Curator 

    Started in Sep 2007

    International Cultural Projects for development. Consulting dedicated to the planning, direction and execution of cultural events for some of the most active cultural venues of the World, in collaboration with artists, critics, curators, collectors, agents and other professionals of the cultural field. Engaging the highest quality of criteria and execution, our endeavors include the organization of specialized Fairs, Festivals, Exhibitions, Screenings, Essays, Publications, Conferences, and Symposiums. Other customized consulting and broadcast services on demand are specifically appropriate for collectors, institutions and contemporary artists.

    iMAGERY SCHOOL · Intellectual and Creative Development

    León, Spain & Koh Samui, Thailand

    Founder & Researcher

    Started in May 2014

    Bilingual proficiency program that appropriately integrates a number of methods towards the perceptive and imaginary development of the human being. Curriculum includes activities based upon cognitive development exercises, programmed to promote the sensorial thrive and facilitate the receptive and creative abilities of each individual. Following neuro-linguistic and artistic-metaphoric techniques, multiple intelligences are empowered and the abilities of relaxation, attention focusing, visualization and memory enhanced, working on possible blockages which interfere with the natural creative flow of the human being and putting into practice innovative thought processes.

    iMAGERY HEALING · The thriving power of consciousness

    Big Island, Hawaii & Koh Phangan, Thailand

    Founder & Researcher

    Started in Mar 2013

    Integrative therapy program towards the holistic evolution of the human being, based on the power of consciousness for transforming individual and collective reality. The journey includes a number of techniques to enhance perception, sensory evolution and creativity, as well as for enhancing the relaxing, visualizing and remembering abilities, working on the possible blockages that hinder the natural creative flow. By exploring perceptions and feelings gathered throughout our longer existence, reconcile emotional conflicts, clear misbeliefs and reset our mind, a higher understanding of reality is achieved, fostering the self-awareness and self-love needed to become our higher self.

    iMAGERY HAMPTONS · Local Community Culture

    Bridgehampton, NY, USA

    Co-Founder & International Relations 

    Feb 2012 – Dec 2013

    Imagery Hamptons was founded on the idea that the proper fusion of creativity and technology would generate an inspirational source on the life and textures of a given region. Found both here on our website and in the App Store, this handcrafted digital guide maps out the nature, culture, stores, restaurants, services, nightlife and special events of the Hamptons, serving as a great starting point to discover that which is cool and proximate.

    iMAGERY DIMENSION · Innovative Art Collective

    Madrid, Spain & New York, USA

    Co-Founder & Director 

    Started Nov 2010

    Alternative realities for the industry of thought

    id+affairs> promoting creative endeavors that explore innovative technologies and ideas in collaboration with devoted institutions and professionals under equitable terms.
    id+markets> generating and consolidating fair value for contemporary art and innovation, reaching the interest and support of both public and private sectors.
    id+rights> encouraging creators to exercise their rights on authorship using licenses that best suit each specific creation, medium and scope.
    id+ethics> supporting policies that seek transparency, fair conduct and appropriate procedures among professionals towards a sustainable economy for the intangible.

    VideoArtWorld · iMAGERY MOTION

    Barcelona, Spain & New York, USA

    Founder & Director 

    Started in Jan 2005

    Leader platform for promotion and education of the audiovisual art industry, responsible for formulating and instituting the collection and distribution standards for moving imagery broadly used nowadays within the art market worldwide. Strongly focused on establishing the value of audiovisual art and its historical significance, this online platform constitutes the leading archive for the international audiovisual art market. Since its creation in 2005, our organization has also developed numerous exhibitions, specialized fairs, festivals, publications, conferences, and symposiums for some of the most important art venues in the World.

    Development and execution of the project plan / Portal structure design and content cataloging / Content research and editorial team recruitment / International promotion campaigns and press relations / Grants writing / Organization of off-line events in various cities around the World: exhibitions, fairs, festival and symposiums

    VIVA Collections on tour

    Madrid, Paris, Seoul & Tokyo

    Chief Curator 

    Jan 2009 – Jun 2012

    Private collections and galleries inventory on tour through top art venues around the World. Organization of screenings in some of the most eminent Museums & Exhibition Centers from all over the World.

    BAC! Barcelona Art Contemporani Festival

    Barcelona, Spain

    Chief Curator 

    Feb 2009 – Dec 2010

    One of a kind festival of Contemporary Art, bringing to Barcelona Museums top international emerging artists, including the most important art venues of the city and involving all the cultural network of the city.

    MARCEL LECRAM · Multimedia Art Research & Electronic Laboratoires

    London, UK & Paris, France

    International Representative 

    Feb 2009 – Sep 2010

    Leader platform of Multimedia art research and Electronic laboratoires, for Science and technology-based art.


    Research of the production centers and exhibition activity of Technology-based art worldwide & Conference organization and moderation at Art Basel Fair.


    Madrid, Spain & Hong Kong, China

    Executive Director Spain 

    Jan 2009 – Jan 2010

    Visual Systems for Commercial Interior Designs, engineered in Hannover, Germany and produced in Shenzhen, China.

    DiVA Fair - Digital & Videoart Fair

    Paris, France & New York, USA

    Chief Curator 

    Feb 2008 – Dec 2008

    Chief curator for the fair art galleries and parallel events organizer: Symposium IN FOCUS: VideoArt for the 9th Edition of DiVA Fair in New York and Tribute to Wolf Vostell for the 10th Edition of DiVA Fair Paris.

    Artnet Worldwide Corporation

    Berlin, Germany & New York, USA

    New Markets Director 

    Jun 2001 – Jun 2007

    Leader platform for the international art market worldwide.

    Sales and accounts management / Sales materials design / Articles writing / International Marketing / Auction clusters organization

    E-Loft Paneuropean Academic Start Up (Oetker/Boehringer)

    Heidelberg & Berlin, Germany

    International Coordinator 

    Feb 2000 – Oct 2000


    Assistant Director for the launch of the Online platform for European students services and academic studies. Online Project Manager / Pan-European teams coordination for marketing, content and development.

    MEXICAN EMBASSY · Department of Turism

    Buenos Aires, Argentina & Mexico DF, Mexico

    Marketing Assistant 

    Feb 1999 – Oct 1999


    South America Secretary of Tourism. Administration / Promotion actions to increase tourism / Diplomatic writing / Events organization

    MICROJURIS · Latinamerican Jurisprudence Platform

    Puerto Rico, USA & Buenos Aires, Argentina

    Merging Process Assistant 

    Feb 1999 – Oct 1999


    Latin-American Law Resourcing Portal.
    Project development assistance / Meetings organization / Business intelligence / Advertising briefings

  • "The most beautiful thing we can experience is the Mystery,

    the source of all true art and true science."

    Albert Einstein


    Art Shows, Fairs, Festivals and Talks about Time, Technology, Nature, Sciences, Urbanization, De-Colonialism, Feminism, Philosophy and Anthropology.

    A (his)tory of audiovisual contemporary art created by women from 1944 to 2009


    The Indomitable Women selection certainly bespeaks of a passionate process, throughout proposals and reflections developed with the necessary wisdom to allow total freedom of creation under diverse circumstances. Artists with a passion to leave their particular imprints, fearlessly redefining contemporary aesthetics and thought.

    Soldiers of Life is a selection of audiovisual art produced by international artists deeply connected with nature.

    The Works of these “Soldiers of Life” emanate their compromise with the environment, their duty of protecting nature and their responsibility in the progressive development of a sustainable civilization within our planet. The direction of scientific and technological developments towards the human thrive is not guaranteed. On the contrary, the interests of a runaway economic greed are driving today’s research and progress. This means a threat for the future of our planet, the human being and Life.


    Collecting the intangible, Sharing intellectual property

    Developing the standards of Video Art collecting, founding pillars of www.VideoArtWorld.com. This revolutionary and pioneering model resolved the handicaps that Videoart had been facing in the art market for the past decades, making worldwide dissemination and distribution of the work fully compatible with a secure and transparent market for private and public collectors, ultimately responsible of preserving this delicate works of intangible art.


    Talk at Art Basel with Michael Doser (CERN Deputy Director) and Don Foresta (Marcel Network of Art and Sicences)

    Extraordinary discussion, precursor of the ARTS-AT-CERN residency where artists and researches can help each other and together explore the realms of reality. Presentation of the Ars Anthology Almanac, a research gathering an international annual index of shows dedicated to Technology-based-Art.


    International Symposium organized for the Digital and Video Art Fair of New York (DiVA Fair).

    Forum of leading pioneer artists, critics, curators, gallery directors, collectors and other professionals in the field, who provide their most insightful views regarding this moving (and unstoppable) medium, reflecting on relevant topics intrinsic to the origins and significance of Video Art, with a dynamic dialogue emphasizing the challenges that this attractive art form has lived throughout its intense history in terms of conceptualization, production, exhibition, collection and preservation.


    XI Edition of Barcelona Art Contemporary Festival BAC! dedicated to Time-based Art.

    "Time is the moving image of eternity" Plato

    Time does not stop or repeat itself, it is intrinsically linked to change. In a period in which different artistic, scientific, philosophical and technological disciplines interact freely, finding, creating and dissociating as part of an uncontrollable ritual dance, TIME is introduced as a brush that captivates an increasing number of art lovers, both emissaries and receivers. BAC! succumbs to the overwhelming expansion of one of the most contemporary means of expression. A means which is not only able to sublimate all the senses, in all known dimensions.

    MANIFESTA 8 - Centro Párraga, Murcia / Museo Muralla Bizantina, Cartagena / Fundación Pedro Cano, Blanca

    This single-channel presentation could be considered as a self-fulfilling prophecy, announcing the imminence of an alternative Europe that, how unsurprising, has always been here. Some of the artworks presented here are stating (in Arabic) that this optional Europe is already "a world that can contain many worlds", as the Zapatistas articulate their own de-colonial perspective. This selection aims at creating awareness beyond the metaphorical; it invites us to think in terms of other genealogies, and to stretch our understanding of the so-called North of Africa beyond the borders of our (programmed) imagination.

    . MOCA SEUL, South Korea

    Spanish artists reflecting on the emotional uneasiness of the human being. Each generation represents certain vital sensitiveness, which confronts and develops former ideologies at the same time (Ortega y Gasset). An evolution configured under a structural form in which the human mass is receptive and limited to accept or oppose the proposals made by individuals with "avant-garde hearts and alert souls, condemned not to ever be fully understood".

    Time, relentless. The virtue and defect of mortals.

    6th Avenue Public Screen, New York

    The measurement units of the vital magnitude bring distant cultures to agreement influencing symbolically our long existence in an unperceptive and abstract way: MONDAY: Moon, Night, Femininity, Virginity, Fertility, Hunting, Wildness · TUESDAY: Mars, Fire, War, Army, Weapons, Fecundity · WEDNESDAY: Mercury, Water, Travel, Cultures, Abundance, Goods, Commerce, Volatility · THURSDAY: Jupiter, Wood, Justice, Wisdom, Cosmos, Order, Happiness · FRIDAY: Venus, Metal, Peace, Relaxation, Love, Beauty, Emotions, Dreams · SATURDAY: Saturn, Earth, Agriculture, Time, Chaos, Abstraction, Uncertainty · SUNDAY: Sun, Sky, Light, Truth, Herds, Healing, Muses, Music, Poetry, Art

    A collective reflection about the functions of the metropolis.

    Festival MOUVART, Marseille

    In an effort to understand the urban realities of our time, and the location of the human being within the cosmos, with the city as point of reference, the exhibition will link pieces of audiovisual art directly connected by this leitmotiv, with the intention to transmit the adaptation ability of the culture to the space. Various reflexions about the evolution of the metropolitan areas, and the interdependences between population and the individual through different utopias, critics and idealizations.

    Approaches to desire

    WeArt Festival, Barcelona

    Illusory Sex brings about many different approaches to sex and erotic actions developed by and towards different profiles. A broad variety of works that try to express the broad variety of tastes into the matter, different strokes for different folks. In an attempt to explicitly show those differences, the selection invites visitors to peep outside of each one’s comfort zone, and understand the motivations behind the different ways of enjoying sex.

    A glimpse on the evolution of the medium, interests and researches of an remarkable group of Peruvian artists.

    Fundación Alianza Hispánica, Madrid

    A historic selection which attempts to show the important contributions that Peruvian artists have provided to the development of audiovisual art.

    Fundación Marcelino Botín, Santander

    A selection of fresh works, with brash and indolent touches, which subtly sketches the philosophical impasse that remains after you have forgotten everything you learned. Hip & Cool is a journey that invites us to face life with the lightness of not having done it ever before, recovering the impressionable eyes of children, and the boldness and daring that oblivion allow us to have. Pranks, kite flying, music, grass, water, sun and moon.. Elements that undoubtedly rejuvenate life experience and formulate a new look, fueling delayed feelings and brushing up lost dreams.

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    Proficiency in English and Spanish

    Basic German, French & Dutch

    Morán graduated in International Business at the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences within the International School of Economics Rotterdam (ISER), focusing her graduation Thesis on the Economic and Evolutive analysis of the Industry and Market of Art. Afterwards she continued her theoretical engagement with the first cycle of Art History bachelor's studies at the Autonomous University of Madrid as well as through the Expert on Art and Communication Post-Degree at the Journalism faculty of the Complutense University of Madrid, the Fine art Appraisal and Cataloguing studies offered at the New York University, and the Audiovisual and Performing Arts Post-Degree organized by the MACBA Museum and Ramón Llull University of Barcelona.

    In the recent years she has completed an intensive year course on Liberal Arts at 3rd Ward, Brooklyn, New York, followed by a course of the Open Permaculture School in the Big Island of Hawaii and the Art Therapy international intensive summer course of the Pompeu Fabra University Master at Metáfora, Barcelona.


    Centro de los Oficios de León

    León, Spain

    Marta Cerámica

    Madrid, Spain

    Ceramic Porcelain 2013 - 2014 2002-2004



    Metáfora Intensive Summer Course

    Pompeu Fabra University

    Barcelona, Spain

    Art Therapy 2013

    Hawaii Alii Woodtailors

    Open Premaculture School

    Big Island Hawaii, USA

    Permaculture training 2013

    3rd Ward Multidisciplinary Art School 

    Bushwick, Brooklyn, New York, USA

    Post graduate education

    Liberal Arts 2012 - 2013


    Graphic design: Photoshop, Lightroom, Illustrator, InDesign, FinalCut, AfterEffects, Rhino, Processing & Arduino.

    Web & App design: HTML5, CSS3, JQuery, XCode iPhone App Design, Wordpress, Joomla, basic PHP, Omnigraffle & SQL. SEO & Social Media.

    Technical production: Furniture design, woodworking, metalworking, textile design, upholstery, apparel patterns, plastic fabrication, renewable energies and electronic circuits.

    Visual Arts: Drawing, Oil painting, Watercolor, Cartooning, Alternative Photographic Methods, Woodcarving, Jewelry & Polymers.

    FX Animation

    Barcelona, Spain

    Master Degree 2006 - 2007


    Lightwave 3D modeling & animation


    Museu Art Contemporani Barcelona

    Universitat Ramon Llull


    Barcelona, Spain

    Post-Degree 2005 - 2006


    Video Art & Performing Arts Applications




    International Center of Photography

    New York, USA

    Professional Degree 2004 - 2005

    Color Photography Handprocessing


    New York University SCPS

    New York, USA

    Art Appraisal Program 2002 - 2005


    Fine Art Appraisal

    Digital Cataloging

    Curatorial Praxis

    History of Film


    Universidad Complutense de Madrid

    Madrid, Spain

    Master (2 modules) Art Criticism & Cultural Journalism 2001 - 2002


    Contemporary and Emerging Art

    Art Criticism


    Universidad Nacional a Distancia


    20th Century Contemporary Art 2001 - 2002


    Universidad Autónoma de Madrid

    Madrid, Spain

    Bachelor (1st Cycle) Art History 2001 - 2003


    European Business Programme

    Erasmus University for Applied Sciences

    Rotterdam, The Netherlands

    Bachelor Degree International Management & Economics 1997 - 2001


    Thesis Research:

    Cultural Capitalism: Commercial, economic, and philosophic challenges for the cultural market in the digital era.


    “An intellectual says a simple thing in a hard way.

    An artist says a hard thing in a simple way.”

    Charles Buckowsky

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