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Sept. 9th, 2014

Review for Angie Bonino’s Series Following Crime Traces Catalogue

Angie Bonino’s last series “Crime traces”, relates some of the most etymologically political figures of the 20th Century. Her work gathers the video archives of Martin Luther King, Omar Torrijos, John FitzGerald Kennedy, Jaime Roldós and Salvador Ayende, last speeches bravely performed before getting killed.

Impeccable dialect projecting into unexplored horizons; dreams of justice, etched into minds, unable to be destroyed by the greedy cowards who stopped the lips that the words first departed from. Emancipated speakers made the word an art by balancing content, form and emotion. Timeless speeches tackle latent obstacles in the path of progress and evolution.  With sharp common sense, the words of these visionaries intuitively designated a fairer future.

Knowledge will make us free. It is disturbing to watch and hear together such instigators of unavoidable events, smashed down by the weight of their words. But the job was done. Their ideas flow freely and our ears listened them.

Nothing was exactly the same again. And the ship, sooner or later, took us to the shore of resonating truth. It is history, clumsy, slow, full of obstacles, but thanks to those that light up the path, we transit it.

This is a valuable exercise reflecting the power of words in the history of our civilization. An apology to inspiration, that invention so empathic that shake us, calling up everything we share beyond us and is intimately ours.

The most needed consider inspiration as divine providence, the cynics as prophecy, but fascinates all on observation of its ability to melt boundaries and get together the most distant universes.

Current pseudo politics are often confident that the illiterate strategies of an increasingly poor public education, have already worked, so they can cheat the public with a childish, repetitive and ordinary rhetoric.

Their actions are carefully programmed towards a massive lethargic target, as described in any marketing handbook, broadcasting canned speeches; subjective arguments with a subtle recycling of dogmatic values.

Among this outcry to the basic levels of intelligence, it is an essential moment to remember those who cared, for the other, for society, for civilization and for the habitat.

We must not forget that they existed as much as they exist today, they are among us, are part of us, and are us, in every reflection, every decision, every move and every word.

The project follows up with the detective approach of the show with other works in various mediums. Through her trichromatic acrylic paintings, in black, white and red, the artist time travels suddenly transporting us to the present. Highlighting with sagacity some of the personages and scenarios participating in the battle that, behind press and public, is currently being fought.

Disclosing possible crime scenes, such as the virtual Wikileaks and the very tangible Wall Street, along with figures like Julian Assange gagged with the American flag or the Greek police maintaining “order”.  Bonino leaves the paintings unfinished, showing the sense of urgency involved in the investigation process by leaving the case open.

Finally, through a number of drawings included in the selection, the artist presents her own thesis, with pen and marker. In an effort to reveal covered realities, Bonino proceeds with an exhausting analysis in the relaying mechanisms of the corporatocracy that moves the strings of our daily life.

These drawings, with the same process and aesthetic of mnemonic drawings used in criminology investigations, form a hypothesis of macroeconomic strategies and large-scale interests being responsible of the international political-economic-energetic system of today.

All things considered, Angie has provided us with found clues of sublime unfolding agendas, alerting the spectator and making us undeniable witness of the New World Order.

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